VAVASI Group was incorporated with a vision to bridge the infrastructure divide across the globe in the year 1997.Our business is all about teamwork and that is the basis of our success. The concept of synergy has been the main source for us for accepting challenges and converting them into fruitful opportunities. This philosophy has helped us to take the projects from the conceptualization to their operations. Our motto is to improve the quality of life of the communities we serve. This requires us to grow aggressively in focused areas of business. We have earned the heritage of returning to society, which evokes trust among employees, shareholders and the community. We are in continuous efforts to make the world a better place to live with adequate infrastructure irrespective of the regional Geography, Demography and Wealth availability.

The other group companies of VAVASI are in the field of Mining; Manufacturing of steel and allied products; Manufacturing of Transmission equipments and Broadband Access Network Products and also in trading of various goods and commodities and providing services etc.

VAVASI is known for its visionary leadership, talent grooming and value creation abilities and strong commitment to telecom business.

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